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Storytelling Coaching for Leadership Communicators

“There’s no worth to a story without the teller.” ~ Irish saying

1:1 Storytelling Coaching

In 2011 I began coaching nonprofit leaders giving fundraising presentations, using my two decades of speaking and writing experience, to help them cut through the clutter and find the story that connected to people’s hearts. I specialize in helping the doers of the world sort through the chaos of their experience to find the story that powers their action and invites others to join them. 

Speaking coaching is a co-creative process.
The story, speech, articles, and book chapters you end up with will feel like yours. They will emerge from your existing wisdom, results of our consulting sessions, what you produce in speaking assignments I give you, and the edits I suggest for you.


My approach puts the teller at the center of the story. While the mechanics of speaking, writing, and organizing thoughts all come into play in making a great presentation, it is the underlying story that drives change. Humans have used stories to transform the world, but too often we step onto a stage and out of our truth. I call you back into your authentic voice, reflect your unique wisdom, and collaborate with you on the best way to create an empathetic bridge with your audience.


The story doesn’t truly exist without both a teller and a hearer. I use myself as the first audience for your story, reflect back to you the heartbeat of what I’m hearing, and keep doing that until you feel sure you’re hearing your own voice resonating. From that heartbeat, I help you bring the whole story into the world using my expertise in fiction, poetry, presentation design, rhetoric, technical writing, mythological interpretation, and neuroscience.


People choose me because I act as a guardian of their voice and a guide to their unique story. I don’t want you to sound like me; I want you to sound like only you can sound. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to telling our stories. My clients from professional speakers to first-time stage-holders have all come away more in tune with their authentic voice, more embodied of their unique story, and more empowered to connect the story to the audience to change the world!

Patch Job

30 min session

Quick fix help on your upcoming speech or presentation already in progress


Tune Up

60 min session

Refining your story with detailed follow-up email, for any level of development



6 weekly 1 hour sessions

Creating, refining, and practicing your story with follow-up email and homework


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James T. Wood: Who I Am

Recovering fundamentalist pastor, novelist, poet, podcaster, and sometime blacksmith and sometimes twinkie maker.

I make word-piles. Sometimes they’re tall and pretty. Sometimes they’re functional and utilitarian. Sometimes they’re book-shaped. Sometimes they’re blog-shaped. And sometimes they’re a steaming pile (watch out for those and help me find them).

“Story is our way home.” Brené Brown


Areas of Coaching



Help with bringing an idea to light
Coaching centers around questions of what the idea is, how it connects to their unique lived experience, and what wisdom that offers to the larger community.



Getting the shitty first draft done and on the page
Coaching focuses on issues of writer’s block, what’s keeping the words from flowing and how can they get unstuck again.



Getting clear on the psychological landscape of the audience
Coaching is around understanding either who the audience already is (i.e. for booked gigs) or for understanding who the audience might be (i.e. for spec work).


Empathic Onramp

Finding the place(s) where the audience can create an empathetic connection to the storyteller to enable the download of the wisdom
Focus on vulnerability and developing comfort with being appropriately vulnerable before an audience.



Finding the medium that embodies the message of the unique lived wisdom of the individual in a way that will resonate most strongly with the audience
Coaching explores forms of speaking and writing as demanded by the storyteller and the audience.



Creating clarity and comfort so that the storyteller can fully embody their story
Coaching focuses on goals, deadlines, and engagements seeking the most possible gain in clarity and comfort in the time available. Refining goals can also be based on the storyteller’s comfort and the coach’s recommendations.



Aligning the skills of storytelling with the message of the storyteller
Coaching focuses on specific skills that will enable better storytelling, like body language, cadence, or vocabulary-choice.

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Transform yourself to transform the world.” ~ Grace Lee Boggs

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Client Testimonials


Jim West

VanTalks Presenter

“Because of James’ breadth of knowledge on writing and creating stories he is able to help you identify classic themes and techniques to improve your story or presentation, and he always shares those in an enthusiastic, and positive way that makes you feel capable of being successful.”

Bradley D. Richardson

Historian and Museum Professional

“James helped me dig deep into a personal story and communicate an important narrative with incredible clarity.”

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